Individual Therapy

Individual therapy sessions are a powerful way to address psychological concerns. Therapeutic goals are developed collaboratively, along with schedule and frequency of sessions. Although psychological distress can often be the motivator for starting therapy, individual therapy can also be effective in moving toward essential life goals, eliminating problem habits, and even developing increased emotional intelligence. 

Walk and Talk Therapy

Walk and talk therapy is an innovative approach to individual therapy. For some clients, it can be overwhelming to sit in a therapist's office and process their emotions. Leaving the office, going outside and walking, creates a less intense environment and also allows for more intentional processing. For others, activation, movement, and sunlight might be considered beneficial and goal-driven.

Family Therapy

Family therapy can be an essential tool for growth; this mode of therapy can be beneficial to all types of families. Family therapy usually starts with individual meetings to collaborate and develop an appropriate treatment plan. Additionally, parent coaching allows for parents to collaborate with a skilled family therapist to provide changes to the family environment and improve relationships.

Group Therapy

Group therapy provides some unique benefits that cannot always be achieved in individual therapy: shared community, multiple sources of feedback, validation from peers, skills practice, and collaborative development of goals. Group therapy is structured within the same CBT disciplines, and provides a structured method through which therapy can be disseminated. Dialectical Behavior Therapy includes a group therapy option due to the fact that this therapy intensively focuses on the development and practice of emotional skills. 

Yoga and mindfulness

Yoga is not simply exercise, but rather a developed method to connect brain and body through movement and meditation. BASE provides an intimate and safe setting for learning yoga and mindfulness practices.

Book Club

How many times have you been in the aisle at the book store and wondered which therapeutic books would be the best? BASE clinicians are avid readers and want to share some of their favorites through book club. 


Community Talks

As a specialist practice, BASE has some of the area's experts on psychology as members of the team. We love to give community talks for a wide variety of audiences and are passionate about our speaking engagements. 

“We are all tasked to balance and optimize ourselves.”

-Mae Jemison