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Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation

  • BASE 1515 Mockingbird Lane, Suite 580 Charlotte, NC 28209 United States (map)

Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation

With Monica Mitchell-Giraudo from In2Peace

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Mondays 10:30am - 11:30am

January 14th, 28th, February 4th, 11th

This 4-week introductory course is the perfect starting place if you are curious about mindfulness meditation, mindful movement or simply looking to discover a natural way to bring your mind and body In2Peace.


What you will learn

You will engage in four hours of instruction through various informative and inspirational readings on how to bring your mind and body into a harmonious and peaceful connection.  You will also experience informal mindfulness practices that cultivate a non-judgmental approach to moment to moment awareness with the beginner’s mind, inviting curiosity and a willingness to be with things exactly as they are.

You will emerge from this 4-week course with a heightened sense of awareness to not only yourself, but to those around you, and an implementation of habits that are life-transforming.  You will re-discover your innate abilities to maintain a peaceful and mindful approach to paying attention on purpose and accepting the present moment without judgment.


Week 1 - January 14

What mindfulness is and is not.

Postures and positions for meditation.

Why practicing mindfulness can transform your life.


Week 2 - January 28

How to not only identify the mental “chatter”, but how to respond to it mindfully.

How to release tension and stress in your body.

How to develop and cultivate a sustained mindfulness meditation practice.


Week 3 - February 4

How to release struggle and gain harmony in your mind and body.

How to experience peace with your breath, mind and body.

Doing and being are two modes of mind.  Which one are you?

Week 4 - February 11

What modern science knows about meditation.

Why mindfulness is so essential to holistic wellness.

How to better manage the effects of feeling inundated by life’s ebb and flow.


Who should attend a 4-week mindfulness meditation course?

Everyone can benefit from mindfulness meditation, but you will especially benefit from this practice if you:

  • feel inundated by life’s demands.

  • are habitually multi-tasking.

  • manage a hectic personal and professional life.

  • experience stress and stress-related symptoms.

  • feel “crazy busy” and have “too much on your plate”


4-week package

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Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation